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Fire Chiefs Online — services for registered fire chiefs

Fire and Building Code Information
Fire & Building Code Info
— services for community officials
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ISO’s Key Assets
  • site-collected, verified information on more than 2 million commercial buildings
  • up-to-date data on municipal fire protection for 45,000 jurisdictions, including emergency communications, community water systems, and fire departments
  • terrorism landmark database with potential targets
  • predictive models of natural hazards and terrorism that mitigate and manage catastrophe

Fraud Assessment and Data Verification

  • world’s largest database of claims information to detect and prevent fraud
  • data repository of nationwide criminal and public records

Data Management and Consulting

  • largest statistical database of information for insurers, state regulators, and public policymakers
  • leading predictive and analytical models for state governments and other industries

ISO is proud to serve U.S. federal, state, and local agencies in the following areas: fire protection, homeland security, defense, agriculture, housing, labor, and more.

ISO’s Key Government Services:
critical infrastructure Catastrophe Modeling fraud assessment data management
Critical Infrastructure Catastrophe Modeling Fraud Assessment Data Management

About ISO

ISO is a leading source of information about risk. In the United States and around the world, ISO helps customers identify and mitigate risk. We provide comprehensive data, leading-edge analytics, and decision-support services to the federal government, municipal leaders, insurance industry regulators, and public- and private-sector customers.

With the cooperation and support of many federal, state, and local agencies, ISO delivers mission-critical information to help solve challenging infrastructure problems and aid in disaster readiness and threat assessment for communities.      » learn more

ISO is working with USDA/Rural Development in a joint endeavor to provide communities with information regarding their Community Loan and Grants Programs.
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