About ISO

The ISO Building in Jersey City, New Jersey
The ISO Building in Jersey City, New Jersey

ISO is a leading source of information about risk. In the United States and around the world, ISO helps customers identify and mitigate risk. We provide comprehensive data, leading-edge analytics, and decision-support services to the federal government, municipal leaders, insurance industry regulators, and public- and private-sector customers.

With the cooperation and support of many federal, state, and local agencies, ISO delivers mission-critical information to help solve challenging infrastructure problems and aid in disaster readiness and threat assessment for communities.

ISO provides information on:

ISO’s greatest asset is our 3,200 employees — recognized experts and leaders in their respective fields. Many of our employees serve on national advisory committees and have advanced degrees, certifications, and designations in areas including fire protection, insurance, risk management, actuarial analysis, and finance and economics. Our team of highly qualified and trained professionals also represents the following disciplines:

Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, and with offices in Washington, D.C., ISO has staff located strategically throughout the United States and around the world.