Fraud Assessment & Data Verification

Largest database of claims information

Claims Databases

Large databases of insurance claims are one of the key tools in the fight against fraud. The benefits of an all-claims database include:

  • improved efficiency in reporting data and searching for information
  • enhanced capabilities for detecting suspicious claims
  • superior information for investigating suspicious individuals and possible fraud rings

ISO has the property/casualty insurance industry’s only comprehensive all-claims system — a resource for insurers, law enforcement authorities, self-insured organizations, state fraud bureaus, state fire marshals, and others involved in the fight against arson, auto theft, and other forms of crime. The database now contains information on more than 570 million individual claims. Information from reports provides a first line of defense against fraud — and can lead to further investigation by law enforcement. Information can help identify suspicious items, individuals with suspicious patterns, and even possible fraud-ring activity.

The world’s largest database of claims information

ISO’s database serves thousands of companies, 23 state workers compensation funds, hundreds of third-party administrators (TPAs), several state fraud bureaus, and many law enforcement agencies involved in investigation and prosecution of fraud. More than 20,000 customer sites connect to the system through the Internet or other high-speed telecommunications facilities. The database has information on several areas of insurance, such as workers compensation, general liability, employment practices liability, and disability.