Critical Infrastructure

On Site Field Staff Inspecting a Building

On-Site Field Staff

ISO’s field representatives, strategically located and electronically connected, routinely visit individual properties and local municipalities to:

  • evaluate community fire-protection capabilities, the effectiveness of local building-code enforcement, and community floodplain-management strategies to develop validated and verified datasets and related assessments you can trust
  • observe and report conditions and measure physical features of multifamily dwellings, high-value dwellings, and other residential properties; commercial buildings; and government facilities
  • perform detailed engineering analyses of building construction, occupancy hazards, internal and external fire protection, and many other features
  • look specifically for conditions that might lead to property damage or an increased liability exposure

ISO developed its on-site insurance inspection services to help evaluate and classify risk. Government agencies that need site-specific information anywhere in the country can take advantage of ISO’s technical capabilities and responsive customer service. And if your agency is looking for a contractor for any part of the process of collecting and managing site-specific information, ISO offers a wide variety of customized services.

Training and quality

ISO provides comprehensive and continuous education, training, and development for our field representatives. Our field staff receives:

  • thorough classroom instruction
  • closely monitored experiential field training and mentoring
  • electronically available “on-demand” learning, including testing
  • support to attain relevant certificates and designations, such as the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) certificate and other industry-relevant training