Critical Infrastructure

municipal water infrastructure

Municipal Water Infrastructure

ISO works with community water authorities and local government officials to collect water-supply data, helping us assess the adequacy of your local water infrastructure and how it satisfies fire-flow demands. ISO has extensive information on more than 30,000 areas served by community water systems. We keep that information under close control for the purpose of specific analyses and recognize the value and importance of securing such critical information. ISO will continue our efforts to support the interests of and maintain the trust that communities, water authorities, and emergency-service providers have placed in us for the past 35 years.

As communities expand through annexation or development of previously open land, water utilities may install water-system pumps, storage tanks, mains, and hydrants to serve the new areas. The majority of water systems operate locally — and that makes the process of keeping track of changes a real challenge.

ISO’s highly trained field representatives are constantly in contact with local officials to obtain details of changes every day and keep our fire-protection information of the highest quality. We’ve received many state-level endorsements from members of water-utility associations who participate in ISO’s Community Outreach Program.

municipal water supply infrastructure

ISO evaluates the capacity of individual community water systems
to respond to structure fires according to national industry standards.