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Estimated commercial property or residential building or agricultural property replacement costs

Estimated Building Replacement Costs

How much would it cost to replace a building if it were completely destroyed by a fire or catastrophe? ISO provides an estimate of a residential, commercial, or agricultural property’s replacement value for millions of properties — along with a detailed breakdown of costs for the building’s structural components. We also provide estimated replacement costs for personal property.

ISO provides cost data for construction elements, including foundations, walls and doors, floors and ceilings, electrical systems, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning. We also provide cost per square foot and total replacement cost.

Here’s how the estimated replacement costs work

Each year, ISO’s field representatives collect specific data on thousands of buildings. We maintain the data for buildings throughout the country. The system matches individual building attributes with unit-cost data to develop an estimated replacement cost.

ISO can review a single building or an entire portfolio of buildings and report the estimated replacement costs.